Dip Manicure Easier and Healthier than Gels

If acrylic or gel manicures are getting tougher on your nails, give dip manicure a shot and regret less. Dip powder is a safer formula that doesn’t require any harmful UV rays to cure. However, dip nails shouldn’t be taken 100% safe on nails since the demand for proper hygienic measures is there to be taken care of.

Dip Manicure Easier and Healthier than Gels

However, there are some additional benefits to dipping. the powder offers an extra protective, nonporous coating to nails, which can help avoid breaking and let the natural nail grow underneath. Dip powder removal involves no scraping, so it’s gentle. Let’s get into further details to clear your concepts and myths about dip powder nails.

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

The most significant feature of dip powder nails is they last longer than acrylics or gels. Your nails are dipped into a pigmented powder that remains intact and durable for three coming weeks. The base process remains the same yet the technique of application differs from salon to salon. The basic application is:

Make sure that your last manicure has been removed properly. File your nails to remove any residues of excessive oil and paint. Apply the base coat and dip your wet nails into finely milled dip powder of your choice one by one. Make sure you get even coats. Wait a few minutes by letting nails to get harden in the air. Apply top coat to seal the look.

This is as simple as described. If you’re thinking to get yourself a dip manicure, you should use vetted manufacturers such as Kiara Sky dip powder set or SNS to create a dip manicure look at home.

Are Dip Nails Safe?

To maintain the health of your nails during a dip manicure, the KiaraSky has created an ever-expanding range of dip powders to ensure health for your natural nails. These dip formulae moisturize and protect your nail bed from drying out. With a gorgeous finish, you can secure the color of your choice.

Manicures that use KiaraSky dip products will improve the health of your nails. Their collection has more nutritional components than any other on the market. The nail experts, on the whole, think that dip nails are safer than acrylic or gels for certain reasons:

Unlike regular manicures that are prone to chipping, dip nails reduce this distress by giving you a more durable manicure. Acrylic nail glue contains potentially hazardous chemicals, whereas the adhesive used for your dip powder manicure is both safe and effective. Unlike gel that requires UV exposure for sealing a manicure, the dip is cured in the air you’re breathing in. Dip powder never damages the nail beds.

Advantages of Dip Manicure

The key benefits of dip powder manicure are:


Dip powder nails are quite long-lasting. When done correctly by a professional, your nails should be chip-free for up to a month. When you make your dip, you can anticipate your mani to last two to three weeks. Even if you constantly keep your hands in water, a good-quality dip mani can look as glossy as it was on the first day, at least for two weeks.

Quick Application

Apart from being remarkably durable, they are getting popular for their straightforward application process. The drying time is also less as compared to gels and acrylics.

Easy to DIY

The least experience is required to do dip powder nails. There are many starter kits available in the market to make it easy for people to try this mani at home.

Extensive Range of Color Choices

Thankfully, dip powder never comes in a limited number of shades. There are several color choices in dip powders to create the endless nail art design of your choice. Talking about the color range of dip powders by Kiara Sky colors, you are given 24 different nail colors from nude to bright.

Compatible with Nail Extensions

Another best part of dip powder is its compatibility with nail extensions. So if you have short nails, then you can always achieve a dip nail job to create a long nail job.

Are There Any Side Effects of Getting Dip Nails?

No nail technique should be opted for blindly unless you figure out completely if there are any drawbacks to getting a specific nail technique. Without exaggerating much, we also want you to know what are the potential side effects that you might have to face when getting a dip nail job.

Thicker Nail Look

As compared to gels, dip nails may look bulkier and thicker onto nails if not done technically. Don’t overdo too much powder onto nails. To avoid this, always tap excessive powder before sealing the look.

Allergic Tendency

Monomers in dip powders are frequent allergens and might cause discomfort along the nail beds. So seek advice before getting this nail job.

Hygiene Concerns

Dip manicure is safe if you do it at home. While at a salon, always prefer using a brush-on technique for applying dip powders onto nails.


Dip nails are long-lasting, that’s certainly a point to lure nail enthusiasts to practice this nail technique. However, don’t overlook keeping your nails hydrated to save your nail beds. Also, pay attention to using safe dip nail supplies and techniques to give your nails a much-needed and healthier look.