How Should You Choose and Buy Beauty Nail Powder?

Acrylic powder nail application is a very popular nail technique in nail art, this method is often used to lengthen and shape the nails at the request of customers at the nail salons. This technique uses liquid and applies the nail, then forms a fake nail layer and spreads it evenly on the nail. However, this technique requires high skill as well as understanding of supporting products.

How Should You Choose and Buy Beauty Nail Powder..

To be good at this technique, you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of different manicure methods and types of nail products in order to limit the risk of using them. Refer to and use the best acrylic powder or acrylic dip powder to create good and healthy nails! First, let’s find out some kinds of powder that you need to have in order to do this nail technique.

4 Basic Nail Beauty Powders

Natural Powder

It is an opaque powder, lighter in color than white, often used to apply fake nails for customers to paint, apply nail form. When learning to apply powder, you will master this powder first, then it will be easier to switch to other types of powder.

Pink Powder

Powder form has a light pink color, used to create natural nails for customers. When applying Pink powder, customers usually leave their nails as is, like the pink color of natural nails, without adding any color; or in combination with the top of the nail.

White Powder

The powder has a bright white color like milk, often used to cover the tip of the nail in the French style or to apply floating powder flowers. When applying the tip of the nail, people will cover the entire nail with Pink powder first, divide the nail into 10 parts, then use a powder cutter to cut off 3 parts at the tip of the nail, then apply White powder.

Lear Powder

The powder has an almost transparent color when applied to the hands, used to cover nail forms, hide glitter, hide dried flowers or hide different types of stalactites and stones…

When you want to learn nail art methods or want to learn the craft to become a professional manicurist, you will definitely have to go through this process being taught the techniques related to the 4 basic nail powders, especially, you need to practice doing acrylic nail powder!

Some Other Decoration Powders for Nails

In addition to the above Acrylic Nail powders, the manufacturers of Nail accessories also launch a number of product variations to help nail technicians more diverse models with powder coatings. Some of the following types are included:

Glitter Nail Powder

People will mix Clear powder with glitter of different colors and sizes, it will be more convenient to apply, as well as the glitter is mixed with transparent powder, creating a beautiful look.

Acrylic Dipping Powder Colors

Besides White and Pink powder, you can also find the acrylic dipping powders with more diverse colors such as red, green, black, blue, purple and a lot of pigment and unique colors. This kind of powder is often applied to create decorative styles such as stone veins, decorated with powder cutting, ombre…

Currently, many nail brands have launched good product lines for nails, ensuring that consumers’ real nails are always strong. At the same time, they still ensure the enduring beauty factor. In particular, currently a number of nail companies such as LDS, Lavis dip system have launched a multi-functional product line, you can both apply and dip nails when using the acrylic dip powder colors of these brands.

How Should You Choose and Buy Beauty Nail Powder?

It can be said that the quality of the nail powder needs to be focused, not only because of the aesthetic effect when applying the powder, but also for the health of the nail technician and the customer. The acrylic powder nails must have the safe ingredients, clear origin and when applied, it must not be dry, smooth, and shiny.

During use, you also need to store the powder carefully to keep the quality of the powder. Always close the lid after use, store in a cool, dry place, always keep at room temperature. If not stored properly, the powder will not keep its original quality, it is easy to cause the dough to be dry, lumpy and uneven.

Final Thought

If not applied properly, the nails can be very lumpy, thick and you guys can feel heavy as well as the powder on the nails will be uneven. Therefore, in order to get the most satisfactory nails, you should learn this technique well and learn carefully about acrylic powder products to help you more easily in the process of making as well as not having a bad effect on your health.