The 5 Best Pink Nail Designs for 2020

The versatility of pink color makes it an admirable option for everyday wear. It has distinct hues to catch the interest of every manicure lover. The color elicits a noble look that leaves you with a divinity’s guise. Pink manicures are always trending as both old and young love their chic look. It is used to create distinct but fascinating designs ranging from elegant ombre and abstract art to love hearts and smiling faces. The inspiration you get from pink hues is unmatched, even if you choose a neon shade known for being vibrant and fierce or the sweet pastel. We have prepared a few pink nail art designs that will undoubtedly leave you stunning and revitalize your love for a manicure.

Top Pink Nail Designs

Smiley Face Nail Art

Do you want to transfer your favorite smiley faces from your phone to your nails? Well, pink color can help you achieve your dream. With steady hands, you can easily hand-paint the happy nail art on your nails. If this is not an option, you can consider press on nails or decals. With a glittering natural pink background, the smiley faces become pronounced and intriguing to your friends and family. If you think that pink does not look good on you, you can achieve the same design using other colors. You can get your favorite color from different polish manufacturers like gels, acrylics, and dip powder systems like SNS, Kiara Sky, and LDS dipping systems, to mention a few.

Shades of Pink Nails

Combining different shades of pink elicits stunning effects that transforms you into a beauty queen. The design is best achieved when you use distinct pink hues from the same color family. So when you visit your usual professional nail supplies online or physical store near you, ensure that you pick the same family’s pink colors. Similar cool or warm undertones should be used as lighter tones are progressively applied outwards. Start with the thumbs by applying the darkest tone and then progress to the rest of the fingernails. Depending on your preferences, you can finish up with a high gloss or matte finish for exceptional results.

Pink Ombre Nails

If you want to give the trending omber nails an exquisite twist, pink is the best color for this task. It helps create a smooth transition between light and dark colors leading to a chic and luxurious look. Additionally, it makes it possible to use distinct shades. The look can also be achieved when using gels, acrylics, dip powders, and nail polishes. Therefore, if you were wondering how to transform your Kiara Sky nail colors or DND or LDS dipping nails into pink ombre nails, we assure you that you can safely achieve it in salons and at the comfort of your home. Pink is a perfect color for the design because it helps achieve an ideal fade, which is complex when using other colors like black.

Pink Watercolor Effect Nails

Have you been looking for a perfect way to let your artistic skills run wild? Using pink watercolor effect nails will help you achieve the most unique and chicest look. The design resembles rainbow nails yet unique and stunning. Begin with a base and then use a white polish on the next coat and finish up with a topcoat. When you are done, look for a non-porous surface and add a drop of your initial color. Add acetone drops to the color drop, then spread the drop on the nail surface in a splodgy motion. Repeat this step using the other colors to achieve the desired effects. To prevent the design from wearing or chipping, finish up the manicure with a shiny topcoat layer.

Pink Pop Art Nails

This design brings into life girlish cheap candy and cartoon fantasies. The long lost StrawBerry Hubba Bubba and Sailor Moon have found their way into the world again through pink pop-art nails. Other television combos like The Powerpuff Girls, Chupa Chups, Eliza Thornberry, and Laffy Taffy are every girls’ dream and can also be achieved using this design. Just ensure that the technician in your usual parlor has steady hands for the task ahead.

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Pink nail designs are every woman’s desire. They bring out the youthfulness look that leaves them looking glamorous and stunning. It is preferable for many high-end occasions. Besides, different nail product manufacturers have produced different pink hues that you can choose from. Revive your daring spirit with pink nail designs and enjoy the chic and classy effects.