7 Ways How to Remove DND Nail Polish

All good things in the world come to an end, and so does your nail manicure. It looks beautiful as long as it lasts, but it does not stay forever. A gel manicure or a dip powder manicure can last for around four weeks. This time is enough for the new nail to grow. As it keeps growing, it pushes the polished portion out and makes it prone to chipping.

Nail polish is, after all, an additional layer on top of the nail. It can lift accidentally when you rummage through your handbags looking for your car keys. A chipped nail is not the best thing to have as it spoils your look. The easiest thing that people do is to chip away at the chipped nails. It is the worst thing to do under any circumstances. Trying to peel off your nail polish without using an adhesive has dangerous ramifications. Your nails can become dry and brittle, leading to breakages. You could also end up getting tiny scratches on the nails that can take an awful time to heal. To avoid any such eventuality, you should go for a proper nail polish removal procedure.

Here are the seven best ways to remove your DND nail polish gel.

7 Ways Remove DND Nail Polish

The traditional way is the right approach

Just as you have your touch-up kit ready for use in your handbag to maintain your makeup, it is equally essential to have your nail polish remover ready for such an emergency. If you have one handy, there should not be any problem in dealing with chipped nail polish. All you need is around 15/20 minutes of solitude, and your nail polish is gone in a jiffy.

Keep some cotton pads handy in your handbag to deal with such situations. Soak the cotton pads in the nail polish remover solution and place them over the chipped nail polish. If you have an aluminum wrap ready, you can use it to secure the cotton pad. Leave it on for about 15/20 minutes and see your chipped nail polish slide off your fingernails.

Nail polish removers contain acetone that can dehydrate your nails. You need to apply a dab of cuticle oil or any other moisturizing cream to help the nail regain the lost moisture levels.

Using a nail polish remover is the ideal solution. But, what will you do if you do not have nail polish remover in your kit bag? Here are some alternatives worth trying out. They might not give you the same results as the nail polish remover does, but they are effective temporary solutions.

Your toothpaste can work fine under such circumstances

A toothpaste tube should be available handy in your home/kit bag at any time. You can squeeze out a pinch of toothpaste and apply it to the chipped nail. Take an old brush and gently rub the toothpaste on the nail. The toothpaste ingredients include ethyl acetate, one of the critical components of your nail polish remover. It helps remove your chipped nail polish and does not dehydrate your nails. Besides, it smells better than your nail polish remover.

Do you have a deodorant bottle? It can do the job for you

If you are in the office, you might not have the toothpaste tube handy inside your handbag. Bit, your deodorant bottle will be available. Apply some deodorant on the chipped nail and rub it gently using a cotton pad. Deodorant evaporates quickly. Hence, you might need a generous dose or try out the procedure a couple of times more. This process can take more time, but the results are equally encouraging. Your nail ends up without the DND  DC and smelling good, as well.

Hand sanitizer works just as fine

In these times of COVID-19, you do not have any shortage in the supply of hand sanitizers anywhere. Grab one and pour it over the chipped DND nail polish. It is better to soak a cotton ball in the sanitizer and use it the same way as you did with the nail polish remover. It can take some time, but the results are encouraging.

Your perfume spray can be useful

Similar to the deodorant, your perfume spray can come to your rescue. Spray some perfume on tissue paper and rub your nails gently with it. It is one of the easiest ways to remove DND color residue immediately.

Hairsprays can do the trick, as well

Hairsprays contain alcohol, one of the crucial ingredients of your nail polish removers. However, you should be careful when using your hairspray because it can make the cotton balls stick to your nails and mess it up further. You should be quick enough to wipe out the spray.

Have a topcoat? It will do

If you have a DND Nail polish topcoat handy, it serves as an ideal adhesive. You can apply the top coat on the nail polish and wipe it immediately when it is wet. If you allow it to dry, it will harden the nail and make it challenging to remove. The moist topcoat causes the chipped nail polish to peel off easily.


These seven tips to remove DND nail colors should prove handy any time. We bring such exciting nail care tips in our blogs. Keep reading them and learn new things about nail care.