7 Ways How to Remove DND Nail Polish

All good things in the world come to an end, and so does your nail manicure. It looks beautiful as long as it lasts, but it does not stay forever. A gel manicure or a dip powder manicure can last for around four weeks. This time is enough for the new nail to grow. As it keeps growing, it pushes the polished portion out and makes it prone to chipping.

Nail polish is, after all, an additional layer on top of the nail. It can lift accidentally when you rummage through your handbags looking for your car keys. A chipped nail is not the best thing to have as it spoils your look. The easiest thing that people do is to chip away at the chipped nails. It is the worst thing to do under any circumstances. Trying to peel off your nail polish without using an adhesive has dangerous ramifications. Your nails can become dry and brittle, leading to breakages. You could also end up getting tiny scratches on the nails that can take an awful time to heal. To avoid any such eventuality, you should go for a proper nail polish removal procedure.

Here are the seven best ways to remove your DND nail polish gel.

7 Ways Remove DND Nail Polish

The traditional way is the right approach

Just as you have your touch-up kit ready for use in your handbag to maintain your makeup, it is equally essential to have your nail polish remover ready for such an emergency. If you have one handy, there should not be any problem in dealing with chipped nail polish. All you need is around 15/20 minutes of solitude, and your nail polish is gone in a jiffy.

Keep some cotton pads handy in your handbag to deal with such situations. Soak the cotton pads in the nail polish remover solution and place them over the chipped nail polish. If you have an aluminum wrap ready, you can use it to secure the cotton pad. Leave it on for about 15/20 minutes and see your chipped nail polish slide off your fingernails. Continue reading “7 Ways How to Remove DND Nail Polish”

Top 6 Best BB and CC Cream: What’s the Difference?

Recently, BB and CC creams have become the most trending skin care products due to their amazing benefits. These are particularly useful for people who have a number of requirements and are needed to be fulfilled without using numerous products. BB and CC creams are creations of one of its own type with a variety of amazing features within a single product.

What’s the Difference Between BB and CC Cream?

Talking about the difference between the two, a BB cream, beauty balm or blemish balm cream is a product which is infused with anti-aging, moisturizing and sunscreen ingredients along with an amazing ability to conceal and contour. So a BB cream can be used as a moisturizer, concealer, foundation or sunscreen. Whereas, a CC cream, color corrector or complexion corrector cream performs the primary function of making the skin tone even and hiding all the skin imperfections. It is also rich in skin beneficiary ingredients.

Let’s check out some of the best BB and CC creams which are perfect for all skin types and people of all ages.

Best CC Creams


Amazon best-selling product B073ZCTMLG


This is one of the best CC cream for acne which provides you with a soft and pimple free skin. It not only gives you a perfectly even complexion like any foundation but also helps in clearing out all the acne and blemishes that have ruined your facial texture. Using it daily, you can get a permanently unified skin tone within a few days of usage.

Marcelle CC Concealer + Corrector

Amazon best-selling product B01B35PO8S


Marcelle has been known to produce a variety of amazing skin care products for over a 100 years. This CC concealer is one such product of this brand. Owing to its creamy texture, the product completely blends into the skin providing a buildable coverage which covers all the uneven pigmented areas on the face. Either it is any aging spot or dark circles under the eye, everything is perfectly camoflauged.

Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream

Amazon best-selling product B00NEPFVLG


The Juice beauty CC cream consists of age defying and blemish control ingredients. These help in hiding the wrinkles and fine lines that develop in the early age. The product comes in five different shades so that you can choose according to your skin tone. Along with concealing the blemishes, its SPF component protects you from all the harmful rays of the sun. Continue reading “Top 6 Best BB and CC Cream: What’s the Difference?”

Top 5 Best Tattoo Care Tips: That Will Keep Your Little Beauty Looking Fine

All of us want to show off our tattoos, but for that, it is necessary to keep the ink settled and take good care of it. When you search online, there are numerous products available which confuse us with which one to choose. To help you with, below are some of the chosen products that will prevent infection, reduce redness and itching, and will fasten the process of healing.

You can save your time by just going through this article and reading the short descriptions of certain products.

Tattoo Goo Blue Wave Cleansing Solution

Amazon best-selling product B0019S5LJC


This sterile solution helps to cleanse the new piercings and reduces the scars and lumps. The pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride has been used in it to protect your piercings from germs and bacteria. You can carry this bottle in your pocket or purse.

It is known to be the best tattoo aftercare product, and many top artists recommend it as it is free from sea salt that contains tons of untested minerals.

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Lotion

Amazon best-selling product B005I4R75O


Available in different sizes, the daily skin moisturizer enriched with grape seed oil make your tattoos look healthier. Apart from this, it is clinically and dermatologically tested to be used on any skin type. You can use it on any permanent makeup procedure on brows, eyeliner, lips, etc.

The moisturizer will not stick to your clothes as it is petroleum-free. Moreover, it is non-allergenic and non-irritating. Use it daily to preserve the color of your tattoos.

Dr. Pickles Premium Tattoo Balm

Amazon best-selling product B00OM0DZ3I


If you are worried about losing the shine of your tattoo, try the Dr. Pickles Tattoo Balm. It will help lock the color of your new tattoo, prevent scabbing, and speed up the healing process. Made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, paw-paw, and sweet almond oil, the balm provides hydrated and softer skin.

Packed in a small tube, the balm provides you many benefits and promotes healthy cell reproduction. Not only this, but you also get a money-back guarantee of 30-days after purchase. Continue reading “Top 5 Best Tattoo Care Tips: That Will Keep Your Little Beauty Looking Fine”

Top 6 Best Beauty Face Products Every Woman Should Own

Collecting tons of new and latest makeup products is every girl’s hobby. I don’t think there would be any girl out there who isn’t obsessed with making a cool and up-to-date collection of makeup products. But what happens is, most of the times this obsession leads you to buy products that are not compatible with either your skin tone or your skin type and you end up never using them. So for all the beauty products’ addicts, we have made a precise list of the best and the latest beauty products that you must need to have in your collection.

Mystic Primer Serum

Amazon best-selling product B07GHW1891


This serum by Mystic is a multi-purpose product that acts to prime the skin before makeup an also gives uplift to the skin cells. It has anti-aging properties so makes the skin youthful and wrinkle free. The serum brightens the skin and is perfect for all skin types. The natural matte finish of the serum is something you need in every makeup product.

TOUCH IN SOL No Pore Blem Primer

Amazon best-selling product B00BR3VPLC


Touch in Sol is the best Korean makeup primer for getting a pore less and even skin for makeup. No matter how much textured your skin is this primer will make your complexion flawlessly even. It leaves the skin glowing and radiant and you can wear it alone without applying any makeup over it. If you want to wear makeup, it will provide a long lasting and fresh makeup look and you don’t need to worry about chipping off or scaling of makeup on the wrinkly areas of the face.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Powder Blush

Amazon best-selling product B07981PF3T


This blush powder by bare minerals gives a warm and glowing tint to the cheeks. The rosy pinkish color gives a beautiful highlight to complete your overall look. The product is light weight and easy to blend allowing easy application and broad coverage.

Continue reading “Top 6 Best Beauty Face Products Every Woman Should Own”

The 5 Best Pink Nail Designs for 2020

The versatility of pink color makes it an admirable option for everyday wear. It has distinct hues to catch the interest of every manicure lover. The color elicits a noble look that leaves you with a divinity’s guise. Pink manicures are always trending as both old and young love their chic look. It is used to create distinct but fascinating designs ranging from elegant ombre and abstract art to love hearts and smiling faces. The inspiration you get from pink hues is unmatched, even if you choose a neon shade known for being vibrant and fierce or the sweet pastel. We have prepared a few pink nail art designs that will undoubtedly leave you stunning and revitalize your love for a manicure.

Top Pink Nail Designs

Smiley Face Nail Art

Do you want to transfer your favorite smiley faces from your phone to your nails? Well, pink color can help you achieve your dream. With steady hands, you can easily hand-paint the happy nail art on your nails. If this is not an option, you can consider press on nails or decals. With a glittering natural pink background, the smiley faces become pronounced and intriguing to your friends and family. If you think that pink does not look good on you, you can achieve the same design using other colors. You can get your favorite color from different polish manufacturers like gels, acrylics, and dip powder systems like SNS, Kiara Sky, and LDS dipping systems, to mention a few. Continue reading “The 5 Best Pink Nail Designs for 2020”

Top 5 Best Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin 2020

Oily skin is hard to handle because not only you have to get rid of tons of oils, but also you need to prevent the additional risk of acne break out, which is very common in oily skin. Also, it is very hard to let the makeup settle on oily skin as it just streaks off after some time, due to the production of excessive oil. Well, you need not to worry as we have brought to you the best products to include in your skin care routine if you have oily skin.

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Amazon best-selling product B07RL88DD2


The CeraVe cleanser has amazing purifying properties. It extracts oil and other impurities that are clogged in the skin pores and cleans them. The natural ingredients help restore moisture and do not produce extra oil as it is non comedogenic and does not block the pores. The non greasy texture of the cleanser makes it the best facial cleansers for oily skin. Ceramides and glycerin also provide necessary moisturization and strengthen the natural protective barrier of the skin. This helps in preventing accumulation of impurities which are the major cause of oil production.

Proactiv Advanced Daily Oil Control

Amazon best-selling product B01K7MW152


The Proactiv advanced oil control formula helps reduce the buildup of oil and opens clogged pores. This prevents the oil secretions from accumulating in the pores and thus no oily texture of skin is observed. The moisturization provided by this product gives a natural look on the skin instead of looking greasy and oily. It can also be used as a makeup primer on oily skin as it does not allow the makeup to streak off, which commonly happens with people having oily skin. Continue reading “Top 5 Best Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin 2020”